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So the last time we saw Bastille was when Will gave me his sweater to wear because I didn’t have a jacket. Here’s that story if you haven’t seen it.

So this is what happened a week ago when me, my sister, and our friend went to see them.  Right when they came out for the show I started waving at Will. He was looking at me and I kept waving until he gave me this little eyebrow raise/nod thing ARHGBAKHDG HOW IS HE REAL? HES SUCH A FLIRT

SO we waited in the rain for them and when he finally came over I said “Hey, hows your sweater you let me borrow last time?” he got excited and said “Sweater lady! Yea, I haven’t washed it since you wore it so it still smells like you. Just kidding! I washed it so it doesn’t even smell like me” and I said “Oh well I don’t think I smell like anything anyway” AND HE SAID “May I?” AND HE FREAKING SMELLED ME AND SAID “You smell lovely! You smell like a girl” I DON’T EVEN KNOW *throws myself across the room* He also said he’d give me his jacket but that I was wearing more layers then him.
UGG. I hugged his twice somewhere in there and my sister said he told me he loved me I don’t even know. He kind of hung out with us for a minute tho while my sister gave him a Rihanna pin she made him and her and our friend got his autograph OH MY GLOB.

Oh and he asked my friend how she was and she said that she was on drugs because she had been in a car accident recently and he asked if she was taking cocaine